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Bat Reviews

We don't just sell bats, we use them too. That is why we bring you reviews about the bats we sell. New reviews will be added all of the time, so check back often.

Scab's Bat Knowledge:

Scab is our resident bat expert here at JJ Sports . He plays a couple hundred softball games a year, and tries out all of the new bats. If anyone knows bats, it's him.

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User Reviews:

We also collect and post the opinion of our users. Their knowlege and information will help you decide which bat is best for you.

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How do I add my review to your site?

To add your review to our site, first locate the items product page. This is the page that has the items product and pricing information. On this page you will find a button labled "Review This Item". Click on this button. Then fill out and submit the form. It is as easy as that. Before submitting your opinion, please check out our guidelines .

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Bat Reviews
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